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Bees buzzing between sprigs of lavender, flame-red sunsets and the heady scent of wildflower meadows. These are just some of the unexpected delights of Flaeming-Skate, a series of trails designed for skaters and cyclists and found just an hour’s drive south of Hotel de Rome in Berlin. 

Glide along them on a leisurely jaunt, admiring the scenery and stopping to take photos. Or dare your family to compete in an adrenaline-inducing multi-hour race.

As always, our Concierge is on hand to set the wheels in motion for your next trip by arranging a guide, transport and equipment. So now all you have to do is choose an adventure…

Off the beaten track

Flaeming-Skate is a network of eight colour-coded routes – labelled RK1 to RK8 – that range from 11km to 92km. Each of the trails winds through the countryside south of Berlin, between the mediaeval settlement of Jüterbog, Luckenwalde city and the little towns of Baruth/Mark and Dahme/Mark.

Tranquil and rural, the web of trails is made from smooth asphalt taking you past meadows, over gentle hills and through dense forests, with a handful of villages sprinkled few and far between. 

Part of the fun of exploring them is getting to know the area better. Stop for a snack in a sunny beer garden, buy souvenirs from craft shops or browse the area’s treasure-filled antiques barns and markets. 

Practice makes perfect

Not sure where to start? New or inexperienced skaters can take a skating class and learn the basics such as stopping and turning on Jüterbog Skate Arena’s 200m-long oval. With left- and right-hand bends, uphill and downhill sections, skating aficionados rate the arena as Germany’s best skating track. As well as being floodlit after dusk, the track features an electronic timing system – perfect for competitive teenagers keen to beat Mum and Dad.

Trail mix

Once you’ve donned protective gear and practised your moves, you’re ready to begin the trail of your choice. If you’d prefer to take things easy, start with the yellow route, RK3. At 11km long, it’s Flaeming-Skate’s shortest path and ideal for families. 

As it loops just north of Jüterbog, this trail is easily combined with a trip to the arena. Ask our Concierge to pack you a picnic and stop for a break at Zinna Abbey, a beautiful former monastery in a historical weaving village.

The pink, 12km-long RK2 is another short circular route, close to Luckenwalde. Families on this one have access to a series of playgrounds: natural rest stops with sandpits, seesaws and swings to explore. 

Rise to the challenge

Ready for a race? At 92km long, the red RK1 is Flaeming-Skate’s longest trail, blending flat, easy sections with more challenging ones. Experienced skaters with plenty of stamina will enjoy whizzing past Jüterbog and Luckenwalde and through Heidehof-Golmberg nature reserve, a protected heathland and pine forest that’s also popular with hikers.

Look out for windmills in the pretty villages of Petkus and Dennewitz, stop to cool off in a swimming pool en route or take a break from skating in the beautiful grounds of Schloss Wiepersdorf palace near Nonnendorf.

Once you’ve returned to the capital, leave time to explore the city with our 48-hour guide to Berlin.

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