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Villages that time forgot. Wild mountainous landscapes. Divine, hand-made produce. There is a pastoral side of Sicily that few get to discover. Verdura Resort’s exclusive UCanuscituri service offers our villa guests an incredible local insider experience. Your Canuscituri (Connoisseur) will create bespoke excursions just for you, that take you to the heart of this enchanting Italian island. Here, Canuscituri Pierfilippo Spoto shares his secrets of Sicily.

What does your role as Verdura Resort’s Canuscituri involve?

“I meet villa guests and show them the true Sicily that I love. A side that’s difficult to discover, but the most exciting and most authentically Sicilian.”

What unique experiences do you offer villa guests?

“We offer unique experiences with local Sicilians. We visit places and people that lead a traditional way of life and immerse our guests in them. For example, trekking with a shepherd, then tasting cheese made by hand from the milk of his flock. Or meeting families who produce wine, then enjoying lunch with them. Above all, we listen to their stories.”

You’re an expert on the Sicani Mountains. What do you love the most about this region and what does it have to offer to visitors?

“The Sicanian area is so beautiful with its rugged mountain ranges and preserved archaeological sites. It’s not a tourist area and guests who visit are always welcomed by the locals.”

How do your guests react to discovering such hidden sides of Sicily?

“Amazement, wonder and surprise at the slow simplicity of life. They love to observe the  rural scenes, whether it’s old people playing cards at the bars or clothes hanging out to dry in the streets.”

Why should guests to Verdura Resort explore the lesser-known sights of Sicily?

“Because they get to see a truly authentic side of its wonderful landscapes and meet Sicilians that feel such a deep connection with their homeland. Guests always delight in discovering this feeling of pride that locals have for Sicily.”

When staying in a Verdura Resort villa, guests will receive our unforgettable U Canuscituri local insider experience. To enquire about booking a villa at Verdura Resort call +39 0925 9980 01 or email