Take a Dance through Hotel de Russie's Nijinsky Suite

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A true luminary in the art of ballet, Vaslav Nijinsky took the world of dance by storm in the early 20th century, earning the affectionate nickname of le Dieu de la danse, or the God of dance, by Parisians. 

Today, over a century after he first took to the stage, his bold approach to his art has been captured in Hotel de Russie’s newly-renovated Nijinsky Suite where guests are invited to discover his grace and elegance in even the smallest of details.

The Life of Vaslav Nijinsky

Born in 1889, Nijinsky’s life was defined by his dedication to ballet, a dedication that left him widely regarded as the greatest male dancer of the 20th century. His education at the pre-eminent Imperial Ballet School in St Petersburg led him to graduate straight into the rank of coryphée, meaning he was taking starring roles from the very beginning of his career, a rarity for ballet dancers.

Audiences across the globe were delighted by his spectacular leaps, where he would rise through the air as though defying gravity, his dramatic acting and sensitive interpretations, and his ability to dance en pointe, a skill few male dancers had conquered at the time. 

He danced his way across the Atlantic from Moscow and Paris to the Americas, showcasing daringly original choreographies. His work as a choreographer saw him creating routines for great composers such as Stravinsky and Debussy, with his most famous choreography for Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ still being danced on stage today, more than a century after Nijinsky first performed it on the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées stage in Paris.

An Ode to Nijinsky in Rome

The recently refurbished Nijinsky Suite is a heartfelt homage to the talented dancer, who was a frequent guest at the Roman residence. The capacious space encapsulates his grace and poise in an elegant cohesion of classic Italian antiques with bespoke modern pieces, each carefully selected by Olga Polizzi. 

Designed with a delicate colour palette of deep red and soft terracotta, the symmetry and sophistication of the suite’s design mirrors Nijinsky’s groundbreaking approach to his art. Outside, the captivating landscape of Roman rooftops and Hotel de Russie’s Secret Garden await guests on the sweeping terrace.

Guests to the tasteful suite can dance in Nijinsky’s footsteps, discovering a rich history through the carefully curated collection of 19th-century Italian artworks and intriguing objects from the era of Valadier, the Roman hotel’s original architect.

Make an idyllic base from which to explore the Eternal City in the Nijinsky Suite in Hotel de Russie.