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There is nothing more Italian than the Negroni, and this year it is celebrating its centenary. Said to have been invented in Florence in 1919 at the request of Count Camillo Negroni, who—back from the hard-drinking West Coast of America—demanded that the soda water in his Americano cocktail be upgraded to gin. Since then, the Negroni has become one of the best known and loved Italian cocktails.

To mark the Negroni’s 100th birthday, Hotel de Russie’s Stravinskij Bar is serving its own special tribute to the classic aperitif: the  Sparkling Gold Negroni. No ordinary Negroni, the Sparkling Gold version combines the distinct flavours of coffee and chocolate with a glittering gold leaf garnish for a seriously decadent serve.


4 cl Bombay East Gin
3 cl espresso
3 cl Biancosarti
3 cl Martini Ambrato
2 drops of chocolate bitters
3 or 4 Coffee beans
Edible gold leaf, to decorate
Twist of lemon


Pour the gin into a mixing glass with some ice cubes

Add the espresso, Biancosarti, Martini Ambrato and chocolate bitters and mix everything well with a bar spoon

Once mixed, strain and pour into a glass

Garnish with coffee beans, edible gold leaf and a twist of lemon

To enjoy more of the Stravinskij Bar’s Italian cocktails with a twist, please email or call +39 06 32 888 830.