Family Activities outside the resort

With its pristine beaches, stunning coastline and rocky mountain ranges, Sicily is an enchanting place to enjoy a family holiday. Whether you want to relax, get active or explore, there’s plenty to entertain all age groups. If you’re planning a holiday, follow our activities suggestions for families to get the most out of your truly Sicilian escape with Rocco Forte Hotels.

Hitting the Sweet Spot

In the 1500s, the nuns of the Convent of the Martorana in Palermo discovered that they would receive a special visit from the king. To surprise him, they created little desserts that looked like fruit to hang from trees to impress him, and of course, the king was delighted.

We invite you and your little ones to help our expert pastry chefs prepare this heavenly dessert, worthy of a king. Delicious and beautiful, the final product will leave you torn between eating the almond paste treat straight away, or admiring your artistic masterpiece and taking it home to show all your friends.

The lesson has been carefully designed so both parents and children can enjoy the dessert-making process together. Learn the secret to making the almond paste, before shaping and painting it to make it look like a real, juicy fruit.

Duration: 80 minutes 

Location: Sciacca

The Story of Tumminia

When the Ancient Greeks inhabited Sicily, they found an abundance of towering tumminia plants and discovered that these grains could be used for delicious and healthy foods.

Today, tumminia remains a staple of the Sicilian diet and an integral part of many baked goods. Embark on a fascinating journey to discover what it is about this ancient grain that makes it so revered.

Make your way to Mugnaia Caterina's mill in the centre of Sciacca to learn all about how tumminia is cultivated. Here, you can help grind it down under the guidance of Mugnaia herself, our local expert. Combine the freshly ground flour with rich cocoa and make your very own biscuits called 'tummicao'.

Duration: 2 hours

Travel Back in Time with Museo del Giocattolo

17km from Verdura Resort

Step back into childhood for a few hours with a visit to Museo del Giocattolo in Sciacca. Located just moments from Verdura Resort, the playful museum is a tribute to the power of toys to inspire imagination, creativity and happiness in children. Offering a vast toy collection with objects dating from 1880 to 1980, each exhibit is cleverly displayed in an authentic and original way, creating a delightful experience that will engage both adults and kids. A great chance to understand how toys can help shape our lives and memories, this museum a blast from the past that won’t disappoint. 

Horse Riding

Explore the Sicilian territory and enjoy the incredible variety of landscapes surrounding Verdura Resort with our horseback trip. Ride along the seashore, explore unspoiled landscapes, surrounded by  an expanse of sand; or discover the wonderful Sicilian landscape, enjoy gorgeous views, breath the fresh Sicilian air with our horseback riding in the mountains. The perfect way to spend a lovely and relaxing time in nature with family.

Go Karting

18km from Verdura Resort

Live an extraordinary experience of fun with your family. Verdura Resort gives you the possibility to spend an exciting day at  Kartodromo Minoa, one of the top go-kart tracks in Sicily, 800 mt. long, regional competitions venue, a reference point for go-kart enthusiasts or for those who wants to have a unique experience. The display board at the centre of the track will show you the race details while the computerised timing system, unique in Sicily, will measure the live timing, for a Real Mini Gran Prix Race. Give your children a day they’ll never forget just a few minutes from our resort.

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Masters of Ceramics

The art of ceramics has deep roots in the history of Sciacca, as demonstrated by recent findings, the first furnaces appeared in the IV Century. Local craftsmen have been creating and commercialising valuable artifacts since ancient times, appreciated around the world. Monuments, churches and the same streets in Sciacca are characterized by gorgeous ceramic works of art and in the small artisan’s shops in every corner of the city centre you can find precious handmade creative objects like jars, plates, carafes and majolicas. Experience and explore the traditional techniques in ceramics, local artists are on hand to teach hand-building and decoration techniques. Try your hand at making beautiful and creative objects out of clay within their workshops just a few minutes away from Verdura Resort.

Find your Fragrance in Sicily

An island of harmonious aromas and earthy scents, Sicily is blessed with the perfect climate for growing fragrant flora. Venture into the heart of the countryside to be greeted by talented soapmaker, Mr Lilo.
His charming cottage and garden are a botanical wonderland of many native flowers. Allow your children to explore row upon row of colourful flowers, and discover their favourite scents, before they learn the wonderful skill of soap-making.
Unfurl the secrets to making aromatic soaps and create your very own Sicilian scents under his expert guidance.

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Welcome to Verdura Resort: 230 hectares of sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, countryside, spa and golf.

Welcome to Verdura Resort: 230 hectares of sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, countryside, spa and golf.

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Welcome to Verdura Resort: 230 hectares of sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, countryside, spa and golf.

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