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We are the Forte family. A family of fourth generation hoteliers. A family of individual hotels at the best European addresses. Of historic buildings with great stories and greater views turned into characterful, thoughtfully designed hotels and retreats – unmistakably London, Rome, Sicily or Berlin, yet unmistakably Rocco Forte Hotels. Restorative spas, destination bars and restaurants that hero the finest local ingredients. Tailormade, nowhere-else experiences, open-hearted atmospheres and our trademark individualised service welcoming you to the family.

The Forte Family of Rocco Forte Hotels in the Olive Groves at Verdura Resort, Sicily

Our Destinations

Bar Magritte

Ceci n’est pas un bar…

It’s a work of art. A theatre.

The beating heart of Brussels. It’s alchemy, mixology. An adventure for the senses. A taste of René Magritte’s surrealist dreamscape.

Ceci n’est pas un bar; it’s so much more.


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