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If there’s one dish that will add that wow factor to your Christmas celebrations, it’s The Balmoral’s bespoke smoked Scottish salmon. Partnering with local smokehouse, Belhaven, The Balmoral’s Number One restaurant masterfully cure their salmon with a precise balance of sweet-saltiness and a soft, silky texture. 

To develop this highly personal recipe for the hotel, Head Chef Brian Grigor worked closely with Belhaven (located just half an hour away from the hotel in the seaside village of Dunbar) to develop something wholly unique; a curing recipe that incorporates that quintessentially Scottish drink, whisky. The wood used to smoke the salmon comes from barrels used to store single malts and infuses the fish with a rich, aromatic flavour.

To ensure quality and consistency, Grigor only produces small batches of just 100 sides a week. The result? Delicate, melt-in-the-mouth fish that tastes resolutely Scottish. It has that magic umami balance of acidity, creaminess, saltiness and earthiness. The Balmoral’s smoked salmon is available to buy direct from The Balmoral hotel. Contact them here for more information.

You can impress your guests this party season by preparing Number One’s delicious signature dish; smoked salmon, quail egg, caviar & lemon purée. This iconic dish showcases both the finest Scottish produce and Number One’s culinary expertise.

Our exclusive, easy-to-follow recipe makes this beloved dish simple enough to create yourself, but with all the finesse of a fine-dining restaurant. Serve as a luxurious starter alongside a chilled flute of fine Champagne. 

Number One’s Smoked Salmon, Quail Egg, Caviar & Lemon Puree

Get festive at The Balmoral this Christmas with our exceptional packages. From 3-course Christmas Day dinner at Number One, to private fine-dining for your Christmas celebrations, we’ve got exquisite options for all your holiday requirements.

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