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From Classical temples to Renaissance palazzos and Baroque churches, Rome houses many fine monuments of architectural antiquity. We are always delighted to curate itineraries for those seeking out the capital’s most treasured buildings, but guests of Hotel de Russie can discover the work of master architect Giuseppe Valadier—who designed Hotel de Russie in 1814—as soon as they step through the door.


Settle into our opulent Valadier suite, named in his honour, and his legacy will be immediately evident. From these suitably classical interiors, you’ll enjoy views over two of his greatest triumphs. The first is La Casina Valadier, an imposing, colonnaded restaurant set atop Pincio Hill amidst the Borghese Gardens. The second is our very own Secret Garden. Envisioned by Valadier in the 1820s, its Neoclassical features beautifully framed by fragrant foliage, and have just been faithfully restored according to the artist’s original sketches. Freed from the ivy, its picturesque terraces and balustrades provide the perfect place to stop and ponder, whilst elegant statues rise amidst manicured plants in a blend of beauty natural and manmade. Located adjacent to Le Jardin de Russie’s Piazzetta Valadier, where you may enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, Valadier’s Secret Garden is the perfect place for an aperitif or a peaceful stroll amidst trickling fountains and glittering nymphaeums.


Within walking distance of Hotel de Russie, you’ll find many more of Valadier’s most impressive achievements. The hotel is set between two of Rome’s most famous squares, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo; Valadier designed the latter, from its elliptical shape, stairs and terraces right down to its mysterious sphinxes on the wall. Then it’s just a matter of minutes to some of his other masterpieces, which include his own ornate home, located on Via del Babuino, the storied Teatro Valle and further out, the domed Church of Santa Maria della Salute. In addition to his own designs, Valadier also helped to restore important relics from Ancient Roman times. These include the Arch of Titus and the Colosseum itself—a legacy worth celebrating.


Discover the mark this master architect left on the capital with a stay at Hotel de Russie’s Valadier Suite. Book now by emailing

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