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With simple floral arrangement by Sebastian Flowers and just a few table decorations, you can show off the prettiest spring flowers alongside eye-catching greenery. To keep the arrangement informal and playful, think about adding a few fruits to the table before serving a mouth-watering dish by Fulvio Pierangelini.


1. Select a colour scheme

“The harmony of the table is not simply defined by the decoration given by porcelain crockery, but by the overall shades of the colour scheme you want to achieve,” says Fulvio. “We recommend not exceeding three different shades, plus white.


2. Choose tablecloths, plates, glasses and cutlery

“For a dinner with friends, you should not be afraid to mix various series of plates and glasses. Especially on large tables, a cheerful confusion will make everything more fun and much less formal. Choose substantial plates, blown glass, natural linen for a fresh and elegant atmosphere, porcelain dishes, crystal glass and silverware for a timeless, refined effect.”


3. Use citrus fruits (or seasonal fruits) for decoration

“Now more than ever, it is important to express a sense of generosity and hospitality. Do not fear to generously fill empty spaces on the table – or on the plates that you will bring to its centre. Trays of fruit and vegetables and baskets of bread should never be missing and should be rich. Even if there is more than necessary, it will always be possible to recover what’s left. Nothing goes to waste!”


4. Prepare simple, ‘sociable’ dishes

“Choose simple dishes made with quality, basic ingredients, and place them at the centre of the table. In this way, it will be easier to satisfy the appetite of our guests in the desired quantities, and to meet the demands of those who suffer from allergies. The menu must be varied: avoid using a single ingredient twice in different courses.

“Conviviality is essential. In order not to spend the whole evening in the kitchen, prepare whatever you can as soon as possible, but do not to compromise on quality. And don't be too formal. Today, for example, it is no longer ‘mandatory’ to use place markers or fish cutlery.”