Rocco Forte Hotels

The marriage of tradition and modernity lies right at the heart of Rocco Forte Hotels’ design philosophy. As a brand, we’re committed to building on the illustrious history of of our properties, whilst creating a destination that dazzles the modern traveller.

Similarly, Germany’s long legacy of artisan producers sees historic crafts brought into the present day. From exquisite porcelain and sumptuous leather to handmade toys, many of Germany’s most prestigious and coveted brands have roots that go back centuries. Here are a few of our favourites to discover on your next trip to Germany.

For Cutting-Edge Porcelain: Nymphenburg

Famous for its pioneering work with contemporary artists and designers like Damien Hirst and Carsten Holler, Nymphenburg Porcelain began as a supplier to the Royal family. Today, it’s revered for its avant-garde creations, which are produced entirely in the company’s workshop in the beautiful baroque surrounds of Munich’s Nymphenburg Palace.

For Classic Childhoods: Steiff

Creating timeless cuddly toys treasured by children all over the world, Steiff is synonymous with German craftsmanship. Renowned for producing the very first teddy bears back in 1902, each Steiff bear is handmade in Germany using only the finest raw materials and finished with the company’s trademark ‘Button in Ear.’

For Leather Lovers: MCM

A favourite of celebrities including Beyoncé and Heidi Klum, this cult leather goods brand was founded in Munich, inspired by the glamour and creativity of the city during the 1970s. Today, MCM is a coveted designer label, with boutiques dotted across the globe, but it remains firmly rooted in German heritage and craft.

Delve deeper into Germany’s finest artisanal brands on the Ultimate Porcelain Tour with Rocco Forte Hotels Germany. 

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