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To mingle with Munich’s locals and begin your appreciation of Bavaria’s historic brewing traditions while staying at the elegant The Charles Hotel, head to one of the city’s lively beer gardens for an afternoon or evening of delicious food and drink.



Meaning ‘forest inn’, this leafy beer garden overlooking the Isar valley offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Nicknamed ‘WaWi’ by the locals, ask our Concierge Team to arrange a chauffeured excursion and you’ll soon be sipping a beer while listening to the smooth sound of a live jazz recital.


Chinesischer Turm

Munich’s sprawling Englischer Garten is home to several beer gardens but this offering, located beneath a 25m-high Chinese pagoda, is perhaps the most attractive. The ornate tower might be closed to visitors, but it does host regular brass band performances during summer.



Another beer garden located in Munich’s most picturesque park, this Englischer Garten idyll sits next to the sparkling waters of Lake Kleinhesseloher. With handsome red benches set up alongside the shoreline, the only way to get closer to the water is by hiring a rowing boat from the nearby jetty.


Zum Flaucher

Renowned for its roast meat dishes – and vegetarian versions – this gourmet beer garden is surrounded by woodland parks and grassy playing fields, making it the perfect urban escape. From the city centre, walk or cycle along the banks of the Isar river and you’ll be rewarded with a stein of the local Löwenbräu beer when you arrive.



Situated under the shade of ancient chestnut trees amid the picturesque surroundings of Wiener Platz market square, this garden adjoining one of Germany’s most famous breweries is the perfect place to sample freshly poured Hofbräu beer, accompanied by a gingerbread heart or salted pretzel.



Another of Englischer Garten’s pretty beer destinations, join walkers and cyclists on a refreshment stop and sip a seasonal beer. Expect weissbier (wheat beer) in autumn, refreshing and deliciously hoppy maibock lager during summer months and rich porters when the weather is cooler.



Opening in 1812, this welcoming beer garden prides itself on maintaining the centuries-old tradition of serving beer straight from the barrel – listen out for the bell that signals the opening of each new wooden cask. Escape rainy days by taking a seat in the cosy cellar space.



Once a royal hunting ground, today it’s still possible to spot fallow deer grazing in this 40-hectare park. Find a seat under one of the parasols and choose from a range of traditional Bavarian snacks, including obatzda – a delicious cheese, paprika and onion dish. 



Set among the fresh produce stalls of Munich’s historic food market, this is the perfect place to raise a glass to the two patron saints of brewing, St. Boniface and St. Florian, who are both depicted alongside scenes of Oktoberfest on the Viktualienmarkt’s iconic maypole.


Sip a pure Bavarian beer in the summer sunshine with an escape to The Charles Hotel. Book yours now by emailing

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