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One of The Balmoral’s key suppliers, Stevie Fish of Fish Brothers Seafoods has been supplying our catch of the day for the past six years.  He defines his ethos as Scottish, sustainable and seasonal, which aligns beautifully with our hotel’s award-winning restaurants.  

Here, Stevie gives us a unique insight into his approach to fishing and where he enjoys eating out in Edinburgh. 

How did you get started? 

“I started supplying restaurants and hotels when I was 20, and enjoyed working with chefs and fishermen – both hard task masters!  I was inspired to start Fish Brothers Seafoods after spending a few years at an executive level within food service. I wanted to work directly with chefs, build my own team and not compromise on quality.”

What sets you apart? 

“We don’t aim to supply everyone, only those who appreciate great produce and are good people to work with.  We constantly go the extra mile (sometimes literally) for our customers.” 

What’s your approach to sustainability?

“We ensure we’re as sustainable as possible.  We only buy fish of a certain size to allow them to reproduce several times.  Also, 95% of the fish we sell is Scottish, reducing our carbon footprint. We buy from boats which are part of the Responsible Fishing Scheme, and recycle all supplier packaging.  Our production unit runs on 100% recycled energy and the van we use to deliver to The Balmoral has low carbon emissions of 80mg/km. We also use Marine Conservation Society guidelines to advise all our customers on what to use in their menus.”

How did you start working with The Balmoral? 

“In 2014, we offered The Balmoral a comprehensive service, competitive prices and great quality.  We’ve continued to supply them since, and have enjoyed establishing a rewarding relationship with Gary Robinson and his team.” 

How far does your fish travel to get to The Balmoral?

“Our white fish is caught off the east coast in the North Sea so it doesn’t travel far.  Our shellfish is caught all around our coastline as the weather can often dictate where you fish.”

Have you sampled your own seafood at The Balmoral? 

“I’ve dined at Number One, Brasserie Prince and am lucky enough to have enjoyed breakfast at The Balmoral too – when my wife decides I’ve worked hard enough for a night away at the hotel.  The staff are so friendly; the food and service unsurprisingly five star!” 

Do you like to fish in your spare time?

“I used to spend time on the boats when I was younger.  However, now I do what my kids want to do. Cinema trips, dog walking, tennis, drums and guitar.”

What’s the most unusual experience you’ve had in the fishing industry?

“I was asked to take a customer’s gran to Troon on the way back from dropping off a fish order at their restaurant.  Little did I know, she had sadly left us, so it was just me and an urn of ashes heading to Troon. It was a one-sided conversation.” 

Where do you like to eat out in Edinburgh?

“I love Timberyard, Noto, Dishoom and Kanpai. Although you’re spoiled for choice in Edinburgh!”

Executive Chef Gary Robinson offers his perspective on working with Stevie Fish:

How is working with such a seasonal producer so advantageous for your ever-changing menus?  

“Stevie makes working seasonally so effortless.  If there’s anyone in the business better than him when it comes to highlighting what’s at its best or what we should be planning for next, I’m yet to meet them.”

Is there a particular dish that uses their produce that you particularly like?  Why?

“We currently receive some of the very best oysters in the country from Stevie, and these end up on our menus in a couple of ways. In the Brasserie, we simply open them and serve classically with a bit of lemon and Tabasco on the side, they are so good they need little else. This said, in Number One we really go to town with them. In that kitchen, the oysters are dressed up with flavours of kipper, lovage, pickled tapioca and tarragon vinegar into a dish like no other.”

Savour the Fish Brothers’ fish and shellfish at The Balmoral. 

Book your stay or reserve a table by emailing or calling +44 (0)131 556 2414. 

Find out more about Fish Brothers here:

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