Reopening with style: Verdura Resort unveils newly decorated rooms and suites

Rocco Forte Hotels

Following a soft renovation, Verdura Resort’s newly decorated rooms and suites are unveiled in 2023. Nature, attention to craftsmanship, local materials and a curiosity about Sicily’s cultural heritage inform our spaces. The fresh makeover embodies the signature style of Olga Polizzi, the Director of Design for Rocco Forte Hotels, and is inspired by our surroundings.

Set within their landscape, the rooms are positioned as social spaces, rooted in their location on Sicily’s unspoilt southern coast. Breathe the air and you’ll know exactly where you are. Carefully considered choices of citron yellow, burnt orange and russet red reflect the natural beauty of Sicily, land of the sea and ancient civilisations. Materials such as stone, wood, ceramics and hand crafted linens add texture while making the most of Sicily’s historical importance as a centre for art.

Each project and every space is approached as an encounter between the physical and sensory. Living rooms are connected to the sounds and sights of the outdoors, brought in through large glass expanses providing a window onto nature. Central to the design are two of our greatest passions, food and wine – transported from Sicily’s fertile ground to the interiors of our rooms and suites through a fully sensual experience.