Stepping into an urban oasis: Olga Polizzi unveils Hotel de Rome’s new lobby

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Polizzi, Olga
“I love Berlin and I love Hotel de Rome there, it really embodies the feel of Berlin - it has to be one of the most beautiful hotel buildings in the city.”

Botanical influence

When first visualising the new design, it was important for Polizzi to convey a feeling of vitality through the space. This meant parting ways with the hotel’s famous jet-black sofas in favour of palm-patterned velvets, courtesy of the renowned British brands House of Hackney and Designers Guild, “The new design is simultaneously an ode to Berlin, and an oasis of calm in the bustling city. It’s a breath of fresh air,” she explains. 

A quick scan of the floor also invites renewed interest, as Polizzi reveals the bold circle carpets from Italian designer Eco Contract offer far more than underfoot comfort, “There was both an aesthetic and practical appeal. The circular shape has a clever effect of making the room feel welcoming and intimate, despite the large space and high ceilings, while seamlessly integrating with the furniture.” Elsewhere, terracotta pots offer warmth while aiding the overall botanical theme.


Navigating changing trends

No designer can deny the pervading influence of current trends, as Polizzi explores, “Subliminally, trends do have an effect. Interior design is like fashion - it changes gently and then rather dramatically. Here, biophilia was certainly a theme of the renovations.”
Ensuring that Hotel de Rome’s lobby remains a true reflection of the city was paramount for Polizzi, who holds a distinct admiration for its unmatched style and heritage. And while the hotel looks to move away from Berlin’s more ‘edgy’ associations, there’s an identity here which remains steeped in alternative influence, marrying both contemporary preferences and the hotel’s unmistakable character. 


Discover the reimagined lobby during your stay at Hotel de Rome, a welcoming space in the heart of this thriving cultural hub. 

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