Cycling the island

Cycle and experience the natural beauty and history of Sicily, starting from Verdura Resort or from your favourite location. Our Concierge will design the perfect Tour, according to every need and preference. Our suggestions:

  1. Agrigento

A relaxing tour among the famous monuments standing at the Valley of Temples, to know its massive archeological area. The tour finishes with a visit to Scala dei Turchi in the late afternoon, just in time to admire the sunset from one of the most suggestive place of the island. Length: 25km. 


  1. Agrigento - Montallegro

This tour will follow the old railway Porto Empedocle-Castelvetrano. It starts from Scala dei Turchi, towards the stunning Torre Salsa Natural Reserve and arrives in Montallegro, a small and 
characteristic town. Length: 55 km.

  1. Montallegro - Eraclea Minoa - Sciacca

Cycling on a glorious coast, a real combination of history and myth: Eraclea Minoa. Here Dedalous weared his wings, escaping from Minos. Even in this tour we will follow the old railway, passing through Platani River’s estuary and arriving in Ribera, famous for its orange production. This experience will finish in Sciacca, seaside town close to Verdura Resort.