Wellness, Culture & Nature

We’ve designed a series of trekking routes outside Verdura which unite wellness with culture and nature. Available for all levels of fitness and experience, each route varies in length and terrain. Our Fitness Team will guide you through these treks and provide you with water at break points.

Discovery Trek At Verdura Resort

Verdura Discovery Trek

Level of difficulty: easy
Time: 1.5-2 hours 
Equipment: regular trainers; sports gear

This 6.3 km on-property trek will help you discover Verdura Resort. Start the trek by Reception and walk down to Verdura’s coastline. Along the coastline, pass our historic Torre, which was built between in the late 1500s.

Trek past the tower and up the hill to our special viewing, where you can see the whole resort. Continue the trek through Verdura’s vegetable garden and its orange, lemon, olive and almond trees, picking ingredients as you go. Learn about the organic and zero mileage food we serve at the resort, as well as our Societa’ Agricola.

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Enjoy Valle del Lupo Venture with trekking adventure

Valle del Lupo Venture

Level of difficulty: difficult
Time: 3 hours
Equipment: walking boots; long trousers that can be rolled up for river walk; water shoes

Our Valle del Lupo venture begins a 10-minute drive from the resort. It’s 4km and covers a variety of terrains. Discover the magical medieval Castello di Poggiodiana, along with the Valle del Lupo and the Verdura River that surround it. Find a house built into the rock face near the beginning of the trek, dating back to September 1877, as engraved in the stone. Continue walking down the valley until you reach the Verdura River, where you’ll find the end of the Luna family’s escape route with a secret staircase. Continue walking through the river until you reach the water bridge. Water treading was one of Kneipp’s therapies. End the trek up at the castle, learning about the grandeur of how the Count and Countess lived. From the castle, you can see Verdura Resort, and you might even spot a wild goat.

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Exciting Trekking Tour to Torre Salsa, Sicily

Torre Salsa Trail

Level of difficulty: medium-difficult
Time: 2.5-3 hours
Equipment: regular trainers; sports gear

Torre Salsa is located a 20-minute drive from the resort. It’s a WWF nature reserve that extends along a stretch of coastline, where the chalk cliffs alternate with long sandy beaches. Walk along a trail to visit the orchid garden, where you can see the last traces of the Phoenician juniper on the slopes. At the top of the valley, you come to an area with abandoned quarries and where you can enjoy panoramic views of the coast. The next part involves walking up and down the beach. Beside it being a simple treat for the senses, a brisk beach walk massages the soles of your feet, activating venous and lymphatic circulation. This is promoted further by intermittently water treading, one of Kneipp’s therapies.

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Day Tour to Caltabellotta, Sicily

Caltabellotta Hike

Level of difficulty: very difficult
Time: 2-2.5 hours
Equipment: walking boots; long trousers

Caltabellotta emerges in the middle of rocky cliffs; it has breathtaking views and is full of ancient ruins. With this exciting climb, you’ll eventually reach this historic hill-town. Start this 4km trek by challenging your legs with a climb up the first peak. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to see views of inland Sicily on one side and views towards Africa on the other.  Make your way down the first peak before climbing up the next peak. This next stage is beautifully shaded by pine trees. After a hard trek, you’ll reach the top part of Caltabellotta. Here, you’ll see what still stands of the Norman Castle, with its Torre Normanna.  Once you pass the castle you’ll reach the Cathedral. This was originally a mosque built in 890AD. Further up, you can visit the sacrificial altars, before finishing the trek.

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Dicovery Trek to Monte Kronio

Monte Kronio Discovery

Level of difficulty: medium
Time: about 3.5 hours
Equipment: comfortable, stretch and traspirant clothing

Delve into local folklore and customs as you trek along empty trails to discover unexplored caves on this ancient route. Monte Kronio  is famous for its therapeutic sulphur springs found in caves which, legend has it, were created by the mythical inventor Daedulus. Thanks in part to balmy temperatures which hover between 37 and 39 degrees celsius, the oldest spa scene in the world sprung up in these caves during ancient times. The region also has another famous claim to fame: in 2017, researchers discovered the earliest example of Italian winemaking here in its caves, dating back 6,000 years. Find out more as you wander Sciacca’s protected nature reserve, then end your walk on Monte Kronio’s summit, scanning the skies for kestrels and rare Bonelli's eagles as you savour panoramic vistas towards Sciacca.

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Escursione lungo il Fiume Platani e Capo Bianco

Livello di Difficoltà: medio-facile
Tempo: circa 4 ore
Equipaggiamento: abbigliamento comodo, elastico e traspirante

Ripercorri le orme di Ercole e del Re Minosse con questa entusiasmante escursione. Partendo dai boschi della riserva naturale di Sciacca, il percorso segue il fiume Platani, anticamente conosciuto come Halycus, fino alle sue foci. Dal punto panoramico posizionato sul tratto più elevato del fiume sarà possibile osservare uccelli in volo come i cavalieri d'Italia e i falchi e ammirare la bellissima spiaggia che si estende più in basso.

Arrampicandosi sulla falesia di Capo Bianco: uno sperone di roccia bianca a strapiombo sul mare, si arriva al sito archeologico di Eraclea Minoa. Esplora questo antico insediamento e ammira il suo maestoso teatro greco che si affaccia sul Mediterraneo. Qui potrete anche visitare un museo che custodisce magnifici reperti archeologici del quarto secolo a. C. e statue di divinità siciliane. Prima di ripartire scendi verso la foce del fiume dove potrai fare una sosta per rilassarti. 

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Welcome to Verdura Resort: 230 hectares of sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, countryside, spa and golf.

Welcome to Verdura Resort: 230 hectares of sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, countryside, spa and golf.

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Welcome to Verdura Resort: 230 hectares of sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline, countryside, spa and golf.

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