Exclusive Sicilian Wellness Retreats With Irene Forte

Rocco Forte Hotels

Surrounded by the sun-kissed landscapes of Sicily’s countryside, Verdura Resort is home to the world’s largest Irene Forte Spa - a sprawling 4,000 square metre wellness haven. It is here that Irene Forte, renowned for her eponymous skincare line dubbed the ‘Mediterranean diet for the skin,’ will introduce a series of exclusive wellness retreats. 

The retreats emerge from their founder’s deep-rooted bond with Sicily. Irene fondly describes the island as a melting pot of civilisations, rich in natural beauty, from Mount Etna’s towering presence to the sugary shores that skirt Verdura. Having worked at Verdura Resort in 2009, choosing it as the backdrop for her wedding, and finding inspiration for her skincare line from its organic farm, Irene’s relationship with this postcard-perfect corner of the world is personal.  It is this essence of Sicily she is eager to share.

Irene’s vision transcends the boundaries of most luxury retreats, offering instead an immersive journey into the soul of the land. “I love the idea of encouraging people to experience Sicily,” Irene reflects. In a dreamlike setting, where olive groves sprawl and the Mediterranean tempts with its warm waters, the retreat harmonises Sicilian culture with the ethos of her skincare brand.

Irene’s collaboration with Dr. Francesca Ferri, a trailblazer in natural cosmetics, is highlighted as a cornerstone of Irene Forte Skincare. "She has been recognised by patents, received an award in Italy equivalent to a knighthood, and is a pioneer in the use of plant-derived actives to treat skin conditions," Irene notes, emphasising a scientific dedication that elevates the bounty of Sicily to new heights.

During three languorous days, guests will indulge in unique treatments and rituals amidst a serene setting. Entering the spa, a palette of calming earth tones and natural textures invite an immediate connection to the island's landscape. The air is alive with zesty orange blossom, while the soft, melodious chime of bronze Burgio Bells, crafted by local artisans, soothe the senses. 

Irene’s expertise will illuminate the retreats as she conducts masterclasses brimming with skincare secrets, from transformative face workouts to science-led application techniques. The experience is complemented by bespoke Irene Forte Skincare luxuries for guests to take home. Meanwhile, celebrated yoga teacher Anna de Pahlen leads guests through Verdura’s blissful mornings and amber-hued evenings with yoga and sound healing sessions. 

Guests are also invited to explore the resort’s lush orchards and gardens. Wandering through fragrant paths jewelled with ripe pomegranates and almonds, they will harvest fresh ingredients, culminating in a bespoke dining experience at La Casetta nell’Orto. Here, under the culinary genius of Fulvio Pierangelini, Creative Director of Food at Rocco Forte Hotels, the essence of Verdura's garden-to-table philosophy is savoured in every dish.

Irene Forte’s retreats are a sanctuary for holistic rejuvenation, melding mind, body, and soul in a setting that is as divine as it is healing. “Through these retreats, I hope people fall in love with Sicily and Verdura. It is about relaxing, reconnecting with nature, and engaging with like-minded individuals, while embracing new practices in skincare and wellness.” Soak up blue skies and inner peace at Verdura Resort in Sicily. 


The next retreat will take place from 3rd-6th October 2024.

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