Irene Forte’s guide to Irene Forte Spas

Rocco Forte Hotels

Take a tour of our Italian Irene Forte Spas with Wellness Consultant at Rocco Forte Hotels and founder of her eponymous skincare line, Irene Forte Skincare. We also invite you to join the upcoming Irene Forte Retreat in October 2024. For more information about the retreat, please view here.

What can a visitor expect when they first arrive at an Irene Forte Spa?

Guests are welcomed with a fresh and invigorating scent of orange blossom that fills our spas. The atmosphere is instantly inviting, and our warm-hearted teams are ready to introduce you to the range of treatments that encapsulate the essence of Mediterranean wellness and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as achieve results.

As a 'daughter of Italy', how is your heritage reflected in the Irene Forte Spa experience?

My Italian heritage is integral to both my skincare brand and the spas. Every element of the spas, from the design to the treatments and even the fragrance that fills the air, celebrates Italy's unique culture and spirit. 

It's all in the details. The brands we retail, the treatment protocols we follow, the colours that surround you, and the ingredients we use – every facet is deliberately chosen to evoke a sense of Italian wellness. This commitment to authenticity is what sets the Irene Forte Spa experience apart.

The design of your spas is uniquely characterised. Could you share some of the special touches that make them so distinctive?

Absolutely. Our spas are all about moving away from what I would term “the conventional clinical white design”. Instead we embrace a palette inspired by the landscapes of Sicily. Features such as the handmade tiles at the reception of our spas in Palermo and Puglia, the living indoor plant wall in Rome, and our outdoor garden at Verdura – where we grow the ingredients used in our skincare range – all add to the uniqueness of our design.

You have developed treatments for customers recovering from our suffering from cancer. Can you tell us about this? 

Yes, I’m really proud of this. Irene Forte Spas have partnered with The Amethyst Trust, a Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care (SATCC), to provide therapies for those living with and recovering from cancer. The Restorative Facial and Nurturing Massage start with guided breathwork, and are personalised by an SATCC accredited therapist to suit individual needs, relaxing and soothing body and mind, while promoting a deep sense of peace.

Irene Forte Skincare is a Certified B Corp. How have you integrated sustainability into the spas?

Yes, ethics is a primary business focus for Irene Forte Skincare. It’s important that Irene Forte Spas are aligned to this. Irene Forte Spas are accredited by the Sustainable Spas Association. Our design has already been built with sustainability in mind. The product is sustainable, and we have a recycling scheme with First Mile for professional products. We only retail sustainable brands, as well as only printing on 100% recycled paper and eliminating single-use plastic. These are just a few examples! 

Lastly, any exciting developments we can look forward to with Irene Forte Spas?

In addition to our four Italian spas – in Sicily, Puglia, Palermo and Rome – we're looking forward to expanding our spa portfolio in Milan when The Carlton Milan opens next year. The newly refurbished spa at Hotel de Russie invites guests to rejuvenate their wellness routines and achieve a radiant summer glow. For fitness enthusiasts, guests can enjoy a wonderful Art Run experience with personal trainer Danilo Palmucci and see some of the top sites in the Eternal City in an unusual way.

Aside from refurbishments, we’re continually improving our treatments to give guests the best experience, for example at Irene Forte Spa in Rome, we have added our innovative new product, Pistachio Facial Oil, as a luxuriant touch to our Irene Forte Facials. Its key ingredient, Phytomelatonin, helps counteract the harmful effects of UV exposure and reduces visible signs of ageing. It works wonderfully with the triple massage technique to relieve tension, define contours, and boost collagen.

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