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Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini combines heritage with a love of fine ingredients and a passion for ground-breaking design. An award-winning chocolatier, Marcolini is renowned for his delicious and design-forward creations, which frequently feature collaborations with notable names from the worlds of fashion and art—including the likes of Victoria Beckham and Tom Dixon. Here, he discusses his creative process, sources of inspiration and the parallels between chocolate and fashion.  

Where do you begin when designing a new chocolate collection?

“Taste is everything, so I begin by exploring different flavour combinations before settling on a recipe. Once I have that, I begin to think about the look and draw the shape. When I have a rough idea, we start experimenting with my research and development team in order to create the finished product.”

What have been some of your most memorable design collaborations?

“I have lots of amazing memories from my time working with Belgian architect and designer Charles Kaisin, who is famous for his surrealist dinners. Collaborating with him is always about creating stunning and unexpected designs.”

Where do you go in Brussels when you are in need of inspiration?

“I find inspiration everywhere. It can be during a dinner, reading a book or going to an art exhibition. I do a lot of travelling every year, and that certainly inspires me. In particular, I have a passion for Japan and Japanese culture. When I am in Brussels, I love to visit my favourite contemporary art galleries in the city, including BOZAR and Magritte Museum.”

You recently created a collection with designer Victoria Beckham. What similarities did you discover between the worlds of chocolate and fashion?

“For me, the similarity is that in both worlds we strive for the right balance between taste, shape and proportion. Both chocolate and fashion rely on unique know-how, craftsmanship and an accurate sense of details.”

Are there any designers that you would love to collaborate with in the future?

“There are few… but I prefer to keep them secret. Watch this space!”

Discover Pierre Marcolini's Easter chocolate collection on display at hotel Amigo throughout April 2019. On 26th April, enjoy a special Easter Sunday brunch with Pierre Marcolini at Ristorante BoCCOni, which includes a tasting of the collection. To make a reservation, email reservations.amigo@roccofortehotels.com or call + 32 2 547 4707.