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Exclusively from Hotel Amigo’s Ristorante Bocconi, this sensational sole recipe is fresh, fragrant and simple to prepare at home. It makes the ultimate summer dish and is best eaten al fresco with friends alongside ice-cold rosé.


1 sole fillet  

8 asparagus sticks

230g green peas

10 mint leaves

8 basil leaves

1g coriander powder

60g fennel fronds

1 small white onion

2g pomegranate seeds

1 garlic clove

Pinch of Maldon salt

Pinch of pepper

Pinch of sugar

35ml olive oil

5g salted butter


1) Begin by gently boiling the asparagus in salted water for two minutes. Remove, set aside then add the green peas for several minutes in the same water.

2) Mix the green peas, basil, mint and coriander, and place in a blender until it’s well combined. Add the butter, olive oil, salt and pepper to the mixture until it’s smooth and adjust the consistency with water if need be. Set aside when done.

3) Chop the onion in half, spinkle with salt, pepper and sugar then roast in the oven for five minutes at 200°C.

4) Chop the asparagus into chunks and combine with fennel leaf, mint, basil, oil, pomegranate, pepper and salt to make a salad.

5) Quickly fry the sole in a pan with a little oil and garlic until it’s slightly golden.

6) Serve the sole alongside the salad and drizzle with the pea and mint sauce.