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Merkel, Power and Models

From the 31st of January to the 31st of July, Villa Kennedy will be hosting an exclusive exhibition by award-winning fine art photographer Kiki Kausch. 

Berlin-based Kiki’s evocative captures have graced prestigious galleries across the world. Working situationally and transiently, she only prints 3 to 5 editions of each of her incredible photographs. 

Uniquely, the exhibition is centred on the relationship between German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the abstract theme of power and the high fashion world of models. These three subjects, though highly photographed, have never before been brought into conversation. Kiki hopes to begin new, passionate discussions through the questions she explores in this ground-breaking exhibition. 

Her portraits tell multidimensional stories, often precipitating deeper reflection on pressing social issues from her well-framed aesthetic compositions. Through this combination of emotion and zeitgeist, Kiki aligns her subject matter with the deeper question behind the occasion of the photograph to create haunting art.

“When I gained permission to photograph Angela Merkel at the Chancellery in the autumn of 2015, at the beginning of the refugee crisis, in addition to the extremely important societal aspects, my feminine eye also played a role. I complimented the Chancellor, because behind the powerful politician I also saw a very admirable and extremely strong woman.”

At Villa Kennedy, in addition to Kiki’s famous portraits of the Chancellor, visitors may admire her other, striking images, including that of A380 pilot Aisha applying lipstick in the cockpit and of BILD CEO Kai Diekmann in an empty office on his last day at publisher Axel Springer.  

In total, 12 stunning portraits will be presented in the impressive Villa Kennedy as part of the hotel’s enduring commitment to patronising German art. As admission is complimentary, guests visiting or staying with us may admire Kiki’s arresting photographs whenever they wish and combine this with visits to Frankfurt’s museums and galleries, just moments from the hotel.

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Image Credit
Axel Gross