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Our Planet

Our planet is our most precious resource. We understand our responsibility to champion and protect the environment by taking greater steps to monitor and improve our consumption of energy, water, paper and food waste, as well as moving towards eradicating single-use and non-recyclable plastics.

We are constantly striving to improve and develop our initiatives to protect the planet. Our growing list of initiatives includes:
• Working with Con–Serve, Considerate Group’s data management system, to monitor our hotels’ environmental resource consumption, including electricity, gas, water and waste
• Working with equipment manufacturers who practice sustainable production techniques
• Choosing refrigeration units in accordance with the latest, most stringent International Standards, e.g. R290.

- In-room key card system automatically switches off electricity when guest room is vacated
- Individually controlled air-conditioning systems in all hotels
- Energy-saving PCs
- Energy-saving and Energy Code-certified kitchen appliances
- Movement sensitive lighting in Back of House areas
- LED bulbs installed throughout our hotel
- We have already installed solar panels at Verdura Resort and are exploring the use of solar energy across more of our destinations

- Serving guests a local water choice to reduce our carbon footprint
- Option for guests to have linen and towels washed every second day
- Dual flush toilets installed across hotels
- Time-sensitive water taps in Back of House areas
- Exploring rainwater harvesting system, which we already introduced at Verdura Resort

- Separate plastic, paper and general waste management bins used throughout Back of House
- Recycling initiatives such as using equipment to dewater, shred and/or compress organic wastes, for re-use as compost in parkland
- Recycle kitchen oil, ink cartridges and coffee capsules

- Offering our guests a Press-Reader to enjoy online newspapers
- Use of QR codes and mobile apps for restaurant menus and digital directories
- Invitations sent by e-cards
- Reusable metal tags rather than paper tags in cloakrooms
- Recycled paper across Back of House departments
- Sustainable reusable drink coasters across Food & Beverage outlets
- Recycled toilet paper in Back of House areas
- Bamboo toilet paper in guest rooms, as we have already done at Brown’s Hotel

- Biodegradable or washable straws, stirrers and fruit picks throughout our bars and restaurants
- Glass bottled water provided to guests in-room and throughout our bars and restaurants
- In-room bathroom amenities and dispensers across public WCs made from post-consumer recycled plastic, as well as working with ‘Clean the World’ to recycle old containers
- Plastic-free in-room amenities, including corn starch razors, bamboo toothbrushes, corn starch shower caps, corn starch sanitary kits, straw sewing kits and wooden combs
- Hanging laundry returned in hessian covers, and folded laundry returned in tissue paper
- Promote use of recycled plastic water bottles
- In-room Bar selection of plastic-free products
- Gyms to be fitted with post-consumer recycled plastic or vegetable plastic water bottles
- Use of biodegradable cups, cutlery and plates in staff canteen

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