Fitness Activities

Whether you’re seeking to restore your inner balance or to meet strength and endurance goals, our extensive programme of wellbeing-enhancing activities offers a wide range of intensities. Alongside this programme, we offer a body consultation analysis service with our highly qualified professionals, who will be delighted to curate bespoke sessions tailored to your individual needs.

Begin the day feeling refreshed with a light stretching session, or a Hatha Yoga class. Power Yoga classes offer a more intense, occidental form of this spiritual discipline, or focus on your posture with a Pilates class.

For high-intensity aerobic training, we offer Interval Training, Circuit Training, Cross Training and our invigorating Outdoor Boot Camp, with more focused toning sessions including GAG, GAB and TRX available to target specific areas of the body. Dance-workout fusion classes including Zumba, Cardio Pop Dance and Aero Mix Dance are also a fun way to enjoy some cardio whilst picking up new steps and exercises.

If you’re looking to avoid putting pressure on your joints, harness the power of aquatic resistance with an Aqua Zumba session, ideal for sculpting, or attend our Aqua Gym to increase your body’s circulation whilst toning key muscles.